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Like most cats, Rufo primarily communicates by generating various oral sounds. Mess has analyzed these sonic expressions and invented four interactive features designed to unriddle the intricacies of feline discourse. First, explore the nuances of each Rufo word and then combine them to form complex kitty phrases. Next, translate different languages into Rufo meows and finally, marvel at the wonders of quantum meow wave manipulation.

Mess intends this research to be a valuable educational resource and invites emails reporting any problems or questions.

Presently, Rufo has learned to communicate his most basic wants and needs with nine fundamental words.

Below are Rufo's nine words, listed in the order he learned them. Click each word to hear Rufo's pronunciation and with practice, you too can speak his special language.

Outrage - Primal cry against injustice.

Food - Whiney with a wide pitch range.

Now - Shout for immediate attention.

More - Potentially rude and demanding.

Me - Short, snappy and authoratative.

Stop - Tender yet threatening in tone.

Play - Cute and squeaky fun time call.

Sleep - Tired with a half groggy gargle.

Please - When purr and meow collide.

In order to express more complex ideas, Rufo combines certain words to form several clear and effective phrases.

To create your own Rufo phrase, first select a word from each column and then click the 'Create Phrase' button below to hear the resulting computed sequence of meows.











Currently, six of the world's major languages can be translated into the standard universal language of cats.

After selecting a language, type a word or phrase into the text field below and then click the 'Translate' button.

Mandarin English French
German Italian Spanish


Advances in Schrödinger equation technology now enable the quantum scattering of Rufo's meows in relationship to various barriers and wells. Psi(x,t) is initially a gaussian wave. Probability density is shown in black. Real and imaginary parts of Psi(x,t) are blue and green.

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