Rufos Encounter
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Rufos Encounter

Rufo's Create Your Own Encounters is a series of interactive adventures where you control the action! Each encounter is a hybrid of two narrative trends; a Choose Your Own Adventure style with Madlib-esque spaces sprinkled throughout.

As you read through the story, determine the plot by selecting a link at the bottom of each page. You may further customize your encounter by filling in the blank spaces with your own words and phrases (defaults are provided if you get stumped). When the adventure is over, generate your encounter complete with plot choices and word entries. Then, print your Rufo story or email it to a friend!


A Morning at Home with Rufo
Rufo startles you awake with his vicious, predawn, tiger pounce and thus begins another early super-frisk kitty adventure.  COMING SOON!
A playful afternoon quickly turns to panic when Rufo runs away and faces the perilous pitfalls of the public park by himself.  ENJOY NOW!
A Night at the Beach with Rufo
Your plans for a romantic, late night ocean rendezvous are interrupted when Rufo streaks by, riding atop a big, gray whale.  COMING LATER!
A Voyage in Time with Rufo
With his newly mutated mega-brain, Rufo builds a fantastic machine that tampers with the delicate fabric of feline history.  COMING NEVER!

* Special thanks to Darren for his XML, Database and Purrrl work *

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